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12/30/05 01:48 pm - randomsubtlety

Merry just past Christmas and not quite New Year's, everybody!

~ Just for randomness sake.

9/5/05 01:27 pm - fishnet_hamster - BUS I.D.?

Okay, so I got a little ID card yesterday that I'm supposed to present to my assigned bus driver at my assigned bus stop in order to ride the bus. According to the enclosed letter, it's a rule just for Town kids.

Anybody else get this card? Why the hell are they doing this?

8/27/05 09:28 am - fishnet_hamster

School starts in about a week.

Who's excited? Now, don't everybody jump up at once.

8/18/05 10:58 am - fishnet_hamster

What's everyone doing Sunday afternoon/next week?

8/16/05 06:51 pm - are7era - TOMORROW!

Tomorrow I will be going back to NRW till Sunday, email me at are7era@yahoo.com or respond here if you want to do something!

Also, my website has changed dramatically and you all should see how it looks now (I heart it for once)



8/16/05 05:54 pm - imhauntingyou - Mini Survey bitches!

I want you guys in this community to post the following things about yourselves. 1) Your Name 2) Your age 3) When You Graduated 4) Name a great NRW memory I shall start. 1) Angela P 2) 20 3) 2003 bitches! 4) Masterminds and the drama program. Great shit

8/16/05 12:40 pm - are7era - New Layout

I tried my best with the new layout, tell me what you think!

8/16/05 08:47 am - fishnet_hamster - The grapevine says...

Because I know you're all so interested in our drama department:

The current word is that Witkiewitz is directing the fall play. He's contemplating doing The Importance of Being Earnest. Yeeeeeah....

8/14/05 02:23 pm - fishnet_hamster - Pick-a-Flick SUCKS!

First off, when the crap did it cost 4 dollars for a bloody video at Pick-a-Flick???? Jeeeeeez, and that's not the new ones or multiple day rentals. Remember when three dollars got you three movies for three days? That rocked. Also, Pick-a-Flick didn't have the movie I was looking for anyway. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy of Velvet Goldmine?

In other news...

1. This community must be pimped! Post about it on your NRW-type friends' LJs.

2. I'm looking for a good layout and banner for this place. If anyone wants to help, feel free.

8/13/05 10:09 pm - are7era

WOot I figured it out.

Well in case all of you don't know, my music site is www.ronaldparisi.com Woot!

Oh, And I'm Ronald Parisi aka Ron. And I love boys. :-D
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