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The grapevine says...

Because I know you're all so interested in our drama department:

The current word is that Witkiewitz is directing the fall play. He's contemplating doing The Importance of Being Earnest. Yeeeeeah....
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It is sad to know that the play is going to suck major blue balls this year. Sorry Amanda.
It's a great show, but there are about 5 people in our school that could pull off playing the chorus and about 3 that could pull off a lead.

Hopefully NRW will be infiltrated with some freshman talent too.

I think it's a bad choice. He's better off sticking with some comedy that people have heard of that will pull in a good number of audiance members. I predict the reason why he is doing IOBE is because there are no rights for it, and the script you can obtain online for free or borrow from libraries.

Witkie, if you're reading this: PLEASE STOP WITH THIS IDEA. Do something like "Cheaper By The Dozen" (The original, which is quite funny and would fit NRW very well) or "On The Razzle" Which can be fully molded into whatever an NRW show needs to be.