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Pick-a-Flick SUCKS!

First off, when the crap did it cost 4 dollars for a bloody video at Pick-a-Flick???? Jeeeeeez, and that's not the new ones or multiple day rentals. Remember when three dollars got you three movies for three days? That rocked. Also, Pick-a-Flick didn't have the movie I was looking for anyway. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy of Velvet Goldmine?

In other news...

1. This community must be pimped! Post about it on your NRW-type friends' LJs.

2. I'm looking for a good layout and banner for this place. If anyone wants to help, feel free.
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I can make a layout if you want, I did angelas. Just tell me what you want.
Just something involving green and white man.
I need the password to play with things. Email it to me? I won't fuck anything up I promise
Password? I don't recall any password.
how do you log onto it then?
Onto my LJ?
Oh, well lemme give you all the codes when I'm gone. I should have it done soon.
Dude, I'm retarded. I'll email you my password, k?

Okay here is what you have to do:

1. Go Into Settings and Customizing for Enn Arr Dubyoo
2. Change the system to NEW SYSTEM
3. Choose the VARIABLE FLOW layout and hit CHANGE (make sure to do that!)
4. Click the Edit Customizations button
5. On the COLORS page Go to the "Background Color Of Main Text" area and click OVERRIDE DEFAULT
6. Type in #227A22 in that box and it should come up as a hunter green.
7. Click the PRESENTATION box at the top next to LAYOUT and OPTIONS buttons
8. Scroll down to the "Page Background Image URL" and click Override Default
9. Type in "http://ronaldparisi.com/nrw.JPG" without the quotes. INCLUDE the http://!
10. Next override the "Page Background Image Display Options" by selecting the FIXED NO REPEAT option.
11. Override the "Page Background Position" too, with the "TOP, LEFT" option selected.
12. Scroll down and hit 'save'.

And then you're done. I'm sure there will be some slight changes to be needed to the image, but I will fix that myself later. If there are any problems don't fidle with it, I'll help you fix it.