Fueled by granola (fishnet_hamster) wrote in enn_arr_dubbyoo,
Fueled by granola

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Pick-a-Flick SUCKS!

First off, when the crap did it cost 4 dollars for a bloody video at Pick-a-Flick???? Jeeeeeez, and that's not the new ones or multiple day rentals. Remember when three dollars got you three movies for three days? That rocked. Also, Pick-a-Flick didn't have the movie I was looking for anyway. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy of Velvet Goldmine?

In other news...

1. This community must be pimped! Post about it on your NRW-type friends' LJs.

2. I'm looking for a good layout and banner for this place. If anyone wants to help, feel free.
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